Located at an elevation of 4900 feet above the sea level, Camp Garuda offers tented accommodation with attached luxurious bathrooms to ensure privacy, hygiene, and ease of use.

Wake up to the refreshing music of the smooth breeze amidst the beautiful pines and the song of the Himalayan birds! At first light, Surya Namaskar can relax all stressed muscles with a series of short Yoga sessions. Let your body vibrate with energy for a trek around the pine forest, which will take you to our paragliding site.

Let a flight over the scenic landscape dotted with colourful terraced fields and rafting from Srinagar to Devprayag in the Holy Ganges take away all your stress. Take a stroll around the camp and watch the rare vultures that have gone missing with time take flight. Take a dip in the lovely stream next to the camp on a sunny afternoon and let the clear water of the Himalayas cleanse you from head to toe. Dance to the tune of nature as the lovely traditional Garhwali music plays around the camp fire in the evenings.