The Roopkund trek is a thrill for trekkers everywhere. Travellers can enjoy the vast greenery of the twin meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal, and thrilling climbs can lead them to Roopkund’s Skeleton Lake or Junargali, a ridge beyond and higher than Roopkund.

This high-altitude (5029m) glacial lake falls on the Nanda Jat route to Hemkund. It is not a very large lake, only 200m in circumference, with a catchment's area of nearly 2 sq km. The lake is rather shallow and is only 2m deep. The edges are snow covered for most part of the year, though when it melts, one can see human and equine skeletal remains well-preserved from the alpine conditions. It is found that about 300 people died there about 500-600 years ago.