Gaumukh is one of the holiest places for Hindu pilgrims who come here to witness the birth of Mother Ganga. The trek takes one to Gomukh (“cow’s mouth”), the mythological source of the River Ganges, which is at the snout of the Gangotri glacier. The Gangotri glacier is surrounded by peaks belonging to the Gangotri group of mountains, including some that pose a challenge to mountaineers, such as Shivling, Thalay Sagar, Meru, and Bhagirathi III. The glacier follows a north-westerly route located below the Chaukhamba Mountain, the highest peak of the group.

This trek begins at Gangotri, one of the four 'Dhams' or pilgrimage sites in the Garhwal Himalayas, We follow a well-used trail through rhododendron forests and alpine pastures to Gaumukh, the "Cow's Snout." This is the physical source of the Ganges, where it emerges from the gray-blue ice of the Gangotri glacier. Shrouded in legend and folklore and flanked by an impressive concentration of 6000m peaks, it is here that the holy river Ganges begins its long journey to the sea. From Gaumukh, trekkers can traverse the glacier and reach the high altitude meadows of Tapovan (4463m) and Nandanvan (4500m), which provide panoramic views of the Chaukhamba, Bhagirathi, Shivling Peaks and the confluence of the Chaturangi and Raktavan Glaciers.

The trek is a complete experience, from an individual journey to camping in the deep Himalayas. The itinerary is easy-paced and gives participants ample time to enjoy the surroundings at their own leisure.