The Lord Curzon Trail is named after Lord Curzon, who made the trek to Kuari Pass from Ghat in 1905. It is very popular among European and American travelers. The Curzon Trail, also known as the Kuari Pass Trek, skirts through the outer wall of the Nanda Devi sanctuary, crossing three passes and four beautiful river systems in the Garhwal Himalaya. At an altitude of 4265m, the Kuari Pass trek takes you through lush green fields, remote villages and virgin forests. Providing an enchanting view of the imposing peaks of Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Bethartoli and Devasthan, the Kauri Pass trek is among the best in the Garhwal mountains.

The trek is a luxury experience and not at all what one would expect. Travellers who are used to hiking on their own and living on oatmeal, pasta, nuts and chocolate will be surprised by the three-course dinner and a staff to wash the dishes.