What do we do

  1. Re-discover for the age group of 9 to 20
    Our experiment based learning programs re-discover has been developed for people to discover their own lives and decide what they want to be .Sitting in the lap of nature, adventure based programs conducted in wilderness with a mix of fun and learning helps one know his real potential.
    Learning while experience goes to the gray matter and becomes a part of one's personality, it helps build a sound character, confidence, being independent, enhances team spirit and helps one discover his true potential beyond physical limitations .The programs offer series of such experiences that challenge one physically and mentally and thus helps ignite a fire that leads to self exploration and innovative ideas.
  2. Conference in the wilderness
    The program is specially designed to give the corporate, a traditional Garhwali musical welcome, an experience of fun at work in a cost effective budget, while being away from the pressures of the metropolitan cities. The program comprises of the corporate conference along with the delicious meals followed by the tandem Paragliding, rafting from Srinagar to Devprayag, rope course and various adventure activities and lovely campfire musical evenings with Garhwali folk dance and songs and a presentation on the history of Garhwal.
  3. Family getaways
    Family getaways on the weekends comprising of rafting from Srinagar to Devprayag with delicious food and the lovely musical evenings with Garhwali folk dance and musical evenings .